BJP To Organise ‘Save Bengal’ Campaign On 13 July


New Delhi : The Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) is organising ‘Save Bengal’ march on Thursday.

Addressing a press conference here, BJP spokesperson Meenakshi Lekhi said that that the disruptive jihadi mindset going on in West Bengal (WB) and the whole country needs to come together to curb it.

“The BJP is organising ‘Save Bengal’ campaign on Thursday ie 13 July and the march will start from Rajghat at 4 p.m. If you want to save Bengal then come for the march,” she said.

The BJP’s march comes in the backdrop of recent communal violence WB’s Baduria and Basirhat areas of North 24 Parganas district over a Facebook post. These areas are close to Bangladesh border.

Lekhi demanded Mamata Banerjee led West Bengal government to give its nod to seal the porous Bangladesh border to tame the jihadist forces in the state.

“The right action is required against those who are responsible for raping and molesting women, the way motorcycles are driven on certain days, the way smuggling of cattle is going on, the way people are engaging in fake currency racket from across the border. The extremely broken porous border needs to be sealed and the sealing can only happen if the state government hands over the land,” she added.

Lekhi said, “As per the reports of a 2015 standing committee of parliament, West Bengal government was supposed to hand over the land to the central forces after acquisition.

She further added that “it is 2017 July now and the land has not been acquired and the border post cannot be established, meaning sealing of the border can’t be done”.

The BJP leader said alleged that there seems to be an interest working in West Bengal through the WB government to create hurdles in border sealing.

She further said that when she looks back in history there are so many great Bengali freedom fighters who gave their life for the nation’s freedom and then she sees the Bengal that is ruled by Mamata Banerjee which is quite the opposite and the politics done on religious basis and appeasement is for everybody to see.

“This Bengal is not even the shadow of the past Bengal where the people were cooperative, extremely well off, educated and look at this Bengal under Mamata Banerjee,” Lekhi said.

She exhorted every Indian and all patriotic Bengalis to save Bengal from the atrocities and from the appeasement politics.