BJP Opens Door For Bharati To Divulge TMC’s Scam


Berhampore: BJP opens its door for the former IPS officer Bharati Ghosh, the opposition’s scam can be disclosed by including her in the saffron brigade. BJP Central Committee Secretary Rahul Sinha said this at a political rally in Jalangir College, Murshidabad on Saturday.

Sinha also added by saying a Bengali idioms which means “That TMC’s policy is to take advantage of people and shun off once their work is done, Trinomool has done the same with former IPS officer Bharati Ghsosh, but our doors are always opened for everyone, TMC’s scam can be disclosed by this ex-IPS officer by adding her in the party.”

The speculation about Bharati Ghosh joining the Saffron brigade arise after her resignation from the post of IPS. Earlier, BJP’s State President Dilip Ghosh had also said that the BJP’s doors are always open for Bharati Ghosh. Now the speculation has become even more intense about Bharati joining the Saffron brigade as the same thing is again repeated by another BJP leader.

Meanwhile, on this day an arrest warrant has also been issued against Bharti Ghosh. As per source a special team has been sent in South India to nab her.