BJP Is Not Communal Party: Mukul Roy


Kolkata: Suspended Trinamool Congress leader Mukul Roy on Wednesday dropped hints on his future course of action by inching closer to BJP, the party most hated by Mamata Banerjee.

Days before he is set to announce his separation with Trinamool, Roy said, “BJP is not a communal party . Since its birth, Trinamool built bridges with BJP. In fact, Trinamool was part of the BJPled NDA government.”

বিজেপি সাম্প্রদায়িক দল নয়, মুকুলের মন্তব্যে স্পষ্ট ইঙ্গিত

With Roy’s recent bonhomie with BJP, speculation is rife whether the rebel leader is going to join the saffron camp, or launch a new platform and act in tandem with the Centre as the BJP’s utility man. Even as Trinamool secretary general Partha Chatterjee held that it wouldn’t be easy for Mukul Roy to split the party, Trinamool is keeping close watch on around 30 party MLAs, six MPs and four zilla sabhadhipatis known to be in touch with Roy.

Even if none of them fol lowed in his footsteps yet, the exit of Trinamool’s once poll manager may come up as a bother for the party ahead of the panchayat elections. State BJP president Dilip Ghosh, whom the rebel TMC leader sent his Bijoya greetings a few days ago, is all praise for Mukul’s organisational abilities. “Mukul Roy is an adept organiser who took the party to where it is now. He is welcome, but before that he has to say that he wants to join the BJP. Our leaders will take a call,” Ghosh said hours after a BJP emissary from New Delhi met Roy at his Nizam Palace residence.

Mukul Turns His Face From Mamata’s Party

Calling Roy’s decision a “personal blunder”, Trinamool secretary general Part ha Chatterjee wondered how far the rebel leader will survive without Mamata Banerjee’s backing. “I am not aware of any of Mukul Roy loyalist. In fact, there is none. We all work under Ma mata’s leadership. We have no political standing witho ut the Mamata tag,” Chatterjee said.

Citing the political history of Bengal, Chatterjee argued that no individual, no matter his stature in a party, could carve out an independent political career. Party insiders, however, admitted that a host of Trinamool leaders are in touch with Roy , but are not in a mood to dump their party or ministerial posts. “Roy may at best serve as an irritant to Trinamool to the BJP’s advantage because he has with him classified information about Trinamool,” a disgruntled Trinamool minister said.