BJP MLA Abuses, Slaps Cops On Duty


Lucknow: Highlighting the rampant VVIP culture amid the political fraternity, Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) MLA from Mau Sriram Sonkar allegedly slapped a traffic home guard after an argument broke out over the former wrongly using a one way route.

The Policemen on duty stopped Sonkar’s car after it was coming from the wrong direction on the one-way road.

“To maintain the flow of traffic, I was taking stock of the situation in the area. I saw a car coming from the opposite direction with black tinted glasses and a hooter. I went up to the car and said that it is a one way and asked him to follow the rule. I told him to take a u-turn and come from the other side,” said Premshaker Sahi, the Traffic Home Guard.

As per Sahi, a person sitting inside the car started shouting and abusing them and even snatched away the cell phone used for recording the entire incident.

Sahi further said that a man came out the car and slapped one of his colleagues after they objected and asked them to behave, following which even the Minister came out and slapped them.

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