BJP Leader Threatens to Cut “Beef-Eater” Siddaramaiah’s Throat


Bengaluru: Local BJP leader has threatened to behead Karnataka Chief Minister Siddaramaiah in public if he consumed beef. He said that Siddaramaiah’s remarks were ” provocative.”

The threat  was made by S N Channabasappa, a former president of the Shivamogga City Municipal Council, during a protest organised by the local party unit.

“How dare you lay your hands on the neck of Gomata? You are openly saying with a dictatorial attitude that you will eat cow meat.If you have the guts, you come here and eat at Gopi Circle (in Shivamogga), then, let there be no doubt that on that day, you will be beheaded,” Channabasappa said.

 In its reaction Siddaramaiah said, “It is a provocative statement. I will ask the police to inquire into it. If it is true, they will definitely take action.” . Shivamogga SP Ravi Channannavar said that a FIR has been registered against Channabasappa for threatening the Chief Minister.

 A few days ago Karnataka’s CM had made some remarks about the food habits and vigilantism. He said though he never consumed beef in his life, to protest against the recent hate generation, he wants to.