BJP Leader Promises To Give Rs 10 Lakh If Comes To Power In Panchayat


Suri: BJP Leader Sayantan Basu on Monday promised to provide ten lakhs from Party fund to the people of Suri area if voted to power at the upcoming Panchayat Elections.

“If BJP comes to power in upcoming Panchayat, it will provide Rs ten lakhs from party fund,” Sayantan said at an election rally on Monday in Birbhum’s Rajanagar area.

পঞ্চায়েতে বিজেপিকে জেতালে ‘পুরস্কার’ ১০ লক্ষ টাকা

Incidents of poll-related violence were reported much in numbers from Birbhum. TMC of the area has already gained the power of the district council without any vote. Most of the Gram Panchayat and Panchayat samiti has been won by TMC without any elections.out of this, Rajanagar is the key area of the elections where poll to be conducted.

Sayantan Basu praised the BJP members at the rally and said that they deserved it. Sayantan also urges BJP party members to continue their fight.