BJP Held Protest To Rescue Abducted Girl Of Metiabruz


Kolkata: The controversial abduction case of city is witnessing protest in several phase. BJP held a rally in Shyambazar five pont crossing saying the girl has to be recovered as early as possible led by the BJP youth president Debjit Sarkar.

The rally was followed by an unrest on the same issue. According to Debjit Sarkar, ” Kolkata Police is complicating the issue on social media. They are tagging the issue as fake which is completely wrong. The girl has to immediately be back to her father.”

মেটিয়াবুরুজে অপহৃত কিশোরীকে উদ্ধারের দাবিতে বিক্ষোভ বিজেপির

The incident started in last year June with the abduction of a girl. She was appearing for Madhyamik. She suddenly goes missing on June 9. She used to stay at her realtives place at Gardenreach Meher Manjil area.

Her father claimed, she has been abducted and kept within Metiabruz. Police is aware of the whole incident but still silent. Kolkata police is not active to rescue them.