BJP Held Party Programme On Road After Hindered By Police


Chinsurah: After taking preparation, West Bengal Bharatiya Janata Party(BJP)top-brass has conducted the party programme on road in Hooghly district’s Gurap. The preparation was there from long time and campaigning was done properly.

Before the final day, police did not give the permission to hold a party programme. The Bengal BJP president Dilip Ghosh, functionary committee member Mukul Roy and Joy Banerjee were present but the programme did not start. They share the car and completed their agenda.

BJP has blamed TMC in this regard. BJP gathered permission from Railway authority in this regard but did not seek the permission from police. Why BJP took such way to arrange a programme ?

Joy Banerjee, celebrity member of BJP’s functionary committee said on this, “the programme was scheduled on the first half of this month. Then they were refused as TMC’s programme was there. You will get permission if you organise it later.

But police has stopped the preparation on Saturday night.” They added that “We got the permission from DRM but police has disrupted the programme.