BJP General Secretary Ram Madhav Performs Yoga Atop Swiss Alps


Bern: Hundreds of people have performed yoga in Jungfrau mountains, located in Switzerland and known as the top of Europe, as part of celebrations to mark the International Day of Yoga.

BJP General Secretary Ram Madhav, who attended it, said Prime Minister Narendra Modi has encouraged the world leaders to turn to yoga, leading to its global recognition, according to a statement.

The event was organised by Indo-Swiss Center on Sunday at a height of 11,371 feet in the Swiss Alps and attracted hundreds of people, it said, adding that Jungfrau mountains are known as the “Top of Europe”.

“Hundreds of global tourists in Jungfraujoch got an opportunity to participate in the Suryanamaskar sessions that was conducted throughout the day, in a specially marked area on the vast glacier, surrounded by icy peaks.

“A specially prepared 3,000 square feet snow floor served as the yoga ground for a new batch of visitors every 10 minutes while a 300 square feet stage made up of snow, was used by Yoga instructors, performers and special guests attending the event,” the statement said.

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