BJP Gearing Up For ‘Show Of Strength’ On Panchayet Election


Balurghat: BJP has boosted the vote-preparation for the upcoming rural poll. The first step started with the basic check on the organizational situation. District BJP brigade has initiated a packed preparation in South Dinajpur district.

District level leaders are examining the situation at the local level to fix the organizational strategy for the rural poll. According to a party source, the examining program at rural level will continue till 30th January. The program has started on 24th January. South-Dinajpur zilla parishad holds eighteen villages. Every village has been divided into four parts to organize the preparation work more accurately.

Reportedly, district BJP president Shubhendu Sarkar has taken the responsibility for six rural boards. Manas Sarkar, Bapi Sarkar and Ranajit Roy, three General Secretaries of BJP took the charge of three boards. The process has been initiated from last Wednesday. The scrutiny of supporters in the poll and the organizational level is concerning the ongoing meeting.

District President Shubhendu Sarkar said, “Now people are more interested to BJP, party is concentrating on examining the situation to strengthen and widen the party range.”