BJP Denies Attack On Partha Chatterjee’s Car


Kolkata: The BJP party has rejected that state minister Partha Chatterjee’s convoy was attacked. Instead the state leadership said that some people just protested by surrounding Partha Chatterjee’s vehicle. They also said that if the minister was attacked, then BJP would have taken strict action against them.

BJP general secretary Sayantan Basu said, “I am focusing on the word attack. If Partha Chatterjee would have been attacked, then BJP would have taken action against the accused. But actually he was not attacked at all. Who protested in front of his car is unknown to the party.”

Sayantan also said, “BJP state president Dilip Ghosh’s car was attacked previously. Everyone saw that his car was vandalised too. Partha Chatterjee voluntarily fell in front of protests.”

Expressing the agitation against TMC on the Kanthi issue, West Bengal Education minister Partha Chatterjee’s convoy was attacked on Wednesday afternoon at Central Avenue at the BJP protest rally.

Protesting the incident happened in Kanthi, BJP has organised a rally on Wednesday from the party’s State headquarter. It has been reported that the convoy of State Education Minister Partha Chatterjee has attacked on Central Avenue when he was coming out from Calcutta Medical College. Chatterjee was sitting in the front seat beside the driver. Targeting the car, few BJP supporters have thrown bricks.

As per the source, the rally was carrying at least five hundreds people including the top leaders of Bengal BJP. Reportedly, Sayantan Basu, Locket Chatterjee and Mukul Roy were walking in the rally. The supporters have flagged black stuff to the minister raising a slogan.

This has happened around 3.30 this afternoon when Chatterjee was driving along Central Avenue in the city from Shyambazar end to Esplanade. To protest the attack on BJP cadres soon after party president Amit Shah’s public rally at Kanthi yesterday, the saffron party today afternoon had taken out a rally from its state headquarters Muralidhar Sen Lane located next to Central Avenue.

With the BJP rally crowding Shyambazar – Esplanade flank of Central Avenue, the minister’s convoy deviated from its course and took to the Esplanade-Shyambazar flank driving against the flow of Shyambazar-bound flank.

But the BJP workers spotted the Trinamool minister’s car in time. Some of them jumped on to the other flank of Central Avenue and stopped Chatterjee’s car which, in any case, was moving slowly as it had taken the wrong lane.

After being stranded for barely 10 minutes, Chatterjee’s car was able to move again leaving behind the agitating BJP workers. Chief Minister Mamata Banerjee, who was in Birbhum then, got to know of this and at once called up Chatterjee to find out whether he was okay.

A little later, police arrested 23 BJP workers for blocking the minister’s convoy. They were taken to the Kolkata Police’s central lockup at Lalbazar.