BJP-CPM-Cong are all ‘Hajabarala(s)’ : Mamata

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Kolkata: Targetting the 2016 Assembly elections, Mamata Banerjee on Tuesday said that TMC will not require any external help. she made it clear that her party will fight the odds and emerge victorious washing away all oppositions. “I urge all workers to start preparing for the 2016 elections from now. Reach out to the people. We will defeat CPI(M)-Congress-BJP,” she said.

Throwing a challenge to the Opposition parties, the Chief Minister claimed that the three parties – BJP, Congress and CPI(M) — here were “without any ideology” and even a combination of them was not enough to defeat a “pro-people” party like the TMC. Calling the three a “hajaborola” (nonsense), Banerjee said they have embarked on a “malicious campaign of lies”.

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‘Even if the CPM-BJP-Congress unite in 2016, people will shower their blessings on TMC. Congress-CPI(M)-BJP have no ideology in Bengal. They are like Ha Ja Ba Ra La (nonsense),’ she added.