BJP central core of India under Modi: Jaitley


New Delhi:Addressing the Press Conference at BJP headquarters in Delhi, Finance Mininster Arun Jaitley said that BJP has become the central core of Indian politics and Centre-state relation have a better co-ordination now.Arun Jaitly further said that last one year has been historical for BJP and Policy paralysis has been fought down.Senior Union Ministers also held a press conference at BJP Headquarters today to spell out the plan for the events marking the completion of one year of Narendra Modi government. Jaitley said the credibility, dignity and stature of Prime Minister’s Office has been restored under the leadership of Prime Minister Narendra Modi.

He further said BJP hopes to win the Bihar elections soon.Jaitley said how the BJP transformed pessimism into optimism. Jaitley reiterated Jammu and Kashmir election results have been key achievements of BJP.Jaitley said there is no place of lobbying in the govt.  BJP President Amit Shah also addressed BJP State Executive at Kolhapur in Maharashtra.