BJP Begins ‘Warm-Up’ With State Committee Meeting


Kolkata: The BJP state committee’s meeting on Saturday can be considered as a ‘warm
up’ before the upcoming Lok Sabha elections. The BJP has targeted 22 seats out of
the 42 in West Bengal. BJP national president Amit Shah had said from the Purulia’s
rally that BJP wants 22 seats from Bengal this time. To accomplish this dream,
initiative have already been started to make the party stronger. The present
strength and situation of the party will be discussed in the meeting on Saturday.

Almost 500 members and leaders will attend the meeting at Salt Lake’s EZCC,
However, the state BJP leadership is yet to accept that the meeting would be a
warm-up before the upcoming elections in 2019. According to them, there is a lot of
time before the elections. The candidate names will be decided in Delhi, as

Recently, at a meeting by the party in Delhi, it was decided that till next July,
there is no other way than Amit Shah remaining as the party national president.
Because, though Shah’s tenure expires in November, the party wants to project him
in the upcoming Lok Sabha elections. The party believes that with his term ending
on November, that can have an effect in the election results. On the other hand,
the election process of the saffron party is complicated. According to sources,
soon after the election results, there are presumptions that there will be major
reshuffle within the party. But it is not possible before July. For this, he will
remain as the interim president till July.

However, the state BJP believes that there is no possibility of reshuffle before
the elections. According to party sources, it is not that the party at Centre is
dissatisfied with the state.