BJP Activist Held For Sharing Mamata Meme Yet To Be Released


Kolkata: BJP activist Priyanka Sharma, who was arrested for sharing morphed image of Mamata Banerjee on social media, is yet to be released from the jail despite Supreme Court’s order as the prison was closed by the time it received the order.

“We got Supreme Court’s order at around 5:30pm. The prison was closed by then,” said Saurav Sikdar, National Secretary of BJP’s youth wing. Sikdar said that the jailor had received the e-mail but Sharma could not be released on that basis. “We have been asked to meet the CJM tomorrow. We will also be speaking to the DG prison,” Sidkar said, adding that they are hopeful of taking Sharma home tomorrow.

The jail officials have said they are yet to receive formal conformation and cannot release her. She is likely to be released tomorrow after the bail bond is furnished.

Sharma was arrested for sharing Mamata’s morphed image on social media. The apex court on Tuesday granted her conditional bail and noted that the case was not just about the BJP activist’s fundamental right but also that of the other person. The SC also said the case in question was different as Sharma was a member of the BJP. She was asked to submit a written apology immediately.

Meanwhile, the BJP has said that Sharma won’t tender an apology. Lawyers of the BJP’s youth wing will contest this in Howrah CJM court tomorrow asking the court to reconsider the apology condition.

The matter will again be mentioned before the Supreme Court on Wednesday morning at 10:30.