Bizarre: Lifeless & Abandoned Newborn Found In Air Asia Flight


New Delhi: In a bizarre incident, chaos spread onboard after a foetus was found in
an Imphal-Guwahati-New Delhi Air Asia flight lavatory.

The newborn infant was found “lifeless and abandoned” onboard in one of the plane’s
lavatories. It was found when the aircraft number I5-784 was being prepared for

The statement released by the airline said, “Delhi Police were alerted and a doctor
from the medical team at Delhi International Airport confirmed that the baby had
been delivered onboard.”

According to the statement, a suspect was detained by the police for further
investigation. The suspect was identified after questioning all the female
passengers who were onboard.

Air Asia added, “The matter has been reported to Directorate General of Civil
Aviation (DGCA) and the airline’s staff are attending to other guests and
cooeperating with Delhi Police.”

The airline has, however, apologised to all guests experiencing disruptions in
their flight schedule.