Bizarre! Doctors Operate Out 203 Seeds From Boy’s Stomach


Burdwan: In a shocking incident, 203 seeds of Indian plums or jujube were taken out of a four-year-old child’s stomach. Apart from the seeds, 2 big seeds of date, some strings and one bolt were also operated out of his stomach, successfully. The operation was done in Burdwan Medical College and Hospital. The child is stable after the operation.

According to the hospital super Dr. Utpal Daw, Ajay Rui Das had brought his son Jivan Rui Das to the hospital 12-days-ago with severe stomach ache. The child was suffering from stomach pain frequently for the past one year. he is a resident of Badanganj’s Shyambazar area under the Hoogly’s Goghat police station. The hospital suggested them to admit their child. The boy also underwent several medical tests.

The x-ray report could not confirm the presence of seeds. The doctors decided to perfom an operation. An eight-member team under Dr. Narendranath mukherjee and Dr. Madhusudan Chatterjee performed the operation.

Dr. Narendranath Mukherjee said that 203 seeds, 2 big seeds of date, some strings and one bolt was stuck in between the boy’s small intestine and big colon. For this, the boy’s right side of the stomach was swollen and tight. This led to severe pain.

According to the doctors, this is a psychological disease. They said that many children eat mud, some eat hair, some eat pencil. All these are linked to this psychological disease. Though the operation was risky, but it was successful. If the operation was not done on time, then the child could have suffered problems in his food pipe which could have later led to something more serious. Since these were stuck, hence it could not come out of this body. The student is out of danger.

Ajay Rui Das and Kalpana Rui Das, the child’s parents said that they are poor. He
was suffering from stomach pain for a year. He was taken to a doctor who referred him to the Burdwan Medical College and Hospital.