Bizarre! Brown Paper Comes Out Of ATM Machine


Kolkata: In a bizarre incident, an ATM machine in Howrah emitted brown paper instead of money.

Bijoy Kumar Pandey had come at the Bali bazaar’s atm on Tuesday night to withdraw six thousand rupees. According to him, when he swiped his card in the machine, two notes worth two thousand rupees came out along with a brown paper which was much
smaller in size than a the currency.

Initially, Bijoy was startled and informed the security guard and the other bank users who were standing in queue. He, then on Wednesday morning, went to the bank and submitted a written complaint. He also lodged a complaint at the Bali police station. The bank authorities have assured to look into the matter.

He said, “I came to withdraw money after I returned from my office on Tuesday night. First a slip came out as I had entered the wrong pin number. After entering the correct pin, I withdrew six thousand rupees. Two notes of two thousand rupees came out along with a brown paper. I immediately received a message on my phone that six thousand rupees was debited.”

He immediately informed another person who had come to withdraw money. Immediately he informed the security guard. He said, “I gave a written complaint in an ATM diary. The security guard asked me to go to the bank at 10 in the next morning.
When I went to the police station, they asked me to go to the bank and file a complaint first. Hence, I went to the bank and the police station. But such a thing ever happened in the past.”

He alleged that such papers were intentionally inserted inside the machine or else such a paper could not have come out.

On the other hand, Sudip Sarkar, another bank user said, “A total of four thousand
rupees of the concerned person came out. Two notes of two thousand rupees and a brown paper came out. It will be very disappointing if the bank does this to its every user.”