Biswa Bangla- Jago Bangla: Court Asks Mukul Roy To Apologise To Abhishek Banerjee


Alipurduar: The Alipurduar court on Saturday passed an order directing BJP leader Mukul Roy to “apologise in writing’’ to Trinamool Congress MP Abhishek Banerjee for making defamatory statements.

The Court has observed that Mukul Roy had failed to decipher the true purport and content of the documents based on which he made the defamatory statements against Banerjee.

On November 10, 2017, Roy made some defamatory statements against Banerjee at a public rally organised by the BJP on Rani Rashmoni Avenue alleging that Banerjee is the proprietor of Biswa Bangla Marketing Corporation Limited and Jago Bangla Media Private Limited and he financially benefitted from the two.

Biswa Bangla is owned by the state government, while Jago Bangla publishes the Trinamool mouthpiece. On November 21, Abhishek approached the Alipurduar court and the court passed an injunction order restraining Roy from making further statements about Abhishek.

Calling Roy “reckless’’, the court said that there was “no stalwart expertise required’’ to comprehend that “no person could be the sole proprietor of a body corporate’’.