Biswa Bangla Gate Inauguration Postponed Over No Fitness Certificate?


Kolkata: It has been the centre of discussing in the city for several days that the hanging restaurant or the Biswa Bangla gate will get inaugurated on Wednesday.

One the other hand, someone has posted a picture on social media which had Mamata Banerjee’s picture and the day of inaugaration of the Biswa Bangla gate written on it. On the other hand, a green string was seen on the gate near the restaurant.

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Despite all these, the inauguration did not take place on Wednesday. It is still not clear when will it be opened.

According to sources, Urban and development minister Firhad Hakim and experts are scheduled to visit on Thursday. The HIDCO already informed earlier that the construction of the gate was over. It is being heard that the Gate still did not get its fitness certificate.

Recently, the collapse of Majherhat bridge took place. Hence, the government does not want to take any risk because once it gets unveiled, naturally huge number of people will come to visit the hanging garden. A 60-metre round sphere has been set-up at a height of 25 metres from the ground, standing on 55-metre height pillars.

Together, 100 people will be able to enter the gates together. They will feel that they are in a different country and hanging in space. There will also be facility to see the show of seeing the city from space. One will have to purchase tickets to enjoy these views. However, the authorities are yet to inform the price of the tickets.