Birthday Of Verghese Kurien -Milkman Of India


India celebrates National Milk Day on November 26 commemorating the contribution of Dr Verghese Kurien towards Milk Revolution in the country. This is the 98th birth anniversary of Verghese Kurien who turned India, a largest milk producer in the world.

“Father of the White Revolution”, Verghese Kurien made India the world’s largest milk producer in 1998. Born on November 26, 1921 at Calicut, Verghese Kurien graduated in Physics from Loyola College, Madras in 1940 and then went on to College of Engineering, Guindy where he obtained his Bachelors in Mechanical engineering.

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He founded 30 institutions and as the founding chairman of the Gujarat Co-operative Milk Marketing Federation (GCMMF), he created Amul brand of dairy products and made them a huge success. He died on September 9, 2012 at the age of 90.

Operation Flood, launched in 1970 by Kurien, was the world’s biggest dairy development program that made India, from a milk-deficient nation to the world’s largest milk producer. It was launched to help farmers direct their own development, placing control of the resources they create in their own hands.

India and its love for milk in unimaginable! It is a staple in every household, not only in India but all across the world. Milk an essential ingredient for the beverages like tea and coffee and also is known as a complete food when it comes to the nutrition part of it.

Oftentimes, our day often starts and ends with a glass of milk. A major source of calcium, milk plays an important role in the development of the kids as well. Could you imagine Indian cuisine without ghee, butter, curd, buttermilk or paneer, or opening your front door in the morning and not finding a bottle of milk left next to the newspaper?

As a country, today we are self-sufficient in milk. In fact, dairy farming is India’s largest self-sustaining industry. But in the 1950s, the situation was different and our country was dependent on imports to meet our dairy-related needs.

Today, we owe our self-sufficiency to one man’s dogged efforts — Dr Verghese Kurien, the Father of India’s White Revolution. Dr Kurien’s “billion-litre-idea” helped India earn the reputation of the world’s largest agricultural dairy development programme.

Every year on his birthday, November 26, India observes National Milk Day to commemorate his profound contribution to India’s progress. Here’s what you should know about the Milkman of India.

True development is not the development of land, or of cows; it is the development of men and women. – Verghese Kurien