Bird Hits Emirates Flight At Kolkata Airport


Kolkata: A Dubai-Kolkata Emirates flight was hit by a bird on Monday morning while landing at the Kolkata airport. The flight engine on the left side has reportedly been damaged in the freak accident.

Airport authorities informed that all the passengers and crew members are safe and no casualties have been reported so far. The flight remains stranded at the airport while passengers have been directed to board a second flight to Dubai.

অল্পের জন্য বিমান দুর্ঘটনা এড়াল কলকাতা বিমানবন্দর

Similar incidents have been reported at the Kolkata airport for the third time in a month. Airport Authorities allege that negligency on part of the Madhyamgram Municipality is causing havoc. Open dumping of garbage is contributing to the birds flocking in large numbers. They fear more such accidents in future.