Bird Flu Warning In Bengal


English Bazaar: Malda district has suspected bird flu in different regions of Malda District. Apparently they have warned English bazaar’s Narhata Village Panchayat’s Babupur, Shailopur, Satghoria and some areas of Bird Flu. The warning has caused panic at the area.

There have been repeated deaths of ducks, chicken and other birds at that area. Local residents have said, death of chickens and hens in homes and farms of 15-20 villages has been reported. It has been spotted that at first water is seen dripping from the nose of the chicken , then they are seen to get weak. Black spots are also spotted on the head of the chicken. After that the chicken is dying. After going through all these symptoms, doctors have given bird flu alert. Local administration will be sending medical team to see into the matter.

Last Bird Flu was seen in the year 2008 in this state. Once again the fear of bird flu has reemerged after 8 years. Animal welfare department official Baneshwar Chakraborty has said, they have heard about the incident. They have asked for reports from the panchayat. They have immediately sent medical teams to the village Panchayat.