Birbhum DM Asks For ‘Threatening Isolation Report’ From Rape Victim


Suri: Moumita Basu Godara, District Magistrate of Birbhum has asked for threatening isolation report from a rape survivor who was a victim of gang rape three months ago. The local political people called a meeting and allegedly forced to withdraw her complaint. Otherwise the family will be isolated from the normal life.

The village people said that she will have to give 500 rupees as fine if she try to talk to anybody. If any villagers try to interact with them, they will have to pay 1000 rupees. The girl is a resident of Charicha village of Mohammadbazar. Police arrested three person in connection to the incident. They are in jail custody now.

The victim’s family knocks administration door on Monday. DM ordered to take proper action in the incident.