Bilawal Bhutto Tweets Anti-War Message To India


Islamabad: As tensions continue to escalate between India and Pakistan, Benazir Bhutto’s son Bilawal tweeted a message and a video for both countries.

Politics watchers in Pakistan have finally begun to sit up and take notice of the Bhutto scion, who reportedly was an impressive presence at an all-party meeting called by Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif on Monday to discuss the situation vis-a-vis India.

Media reports said Bilawal criticized Sharif saying there is no military solution to the Kashmir issue. He also questioned Sharif’s foreign policy posturing and said it is creating a climate of hostility.

According to International Business Times, Bilawal reportedly said his grandfather Zulfikar Ali Bhutto “retrieved Pakistan’s land from Indian occupation and secured the release of thousands of prisoners of wars…in 1971 through assertive diplomacy and aggressive foreign policy.” He added, “This is how we can achieve our diplomatic goals.”

Sabre-rattling has hit an all-time high on both sides of the border after Pakistan-based terrorist group Jaish-e-Muhammad attacked a brigade headquarters in Uri on September 18. Nineteen soldiers were killed in that attack.

Following strong evidence of Islamabad’s involvement in the Uri terror attack, India on September 29 conducted surgical strikes on seven terrorist camps across the Line of Control (LoC) in Pakistan, taking out at least 38 terrorists.

Hawks in both countries have been calling for retaliatory and counter-retaliatory action and Pakistan has almost continually been violating the ceasefire on the LoC for a week now.