‘Biggest Achievement, But Baby Step Towards Rights For LGBTQ Community’


Mousumi Das, Kolkata: He is Mr Gay World Runner-up 2018 Samarpan Maiti, cutting through our stereotypes, he is the role model of other LGBTQ community who has glorified his orientation to the world,he is also a scientist who is finding a cure for brain cancer.

On Thursday, it is perhaps the ‘Second Independence Day’ for the entire LGBT community. Today’s judgement heralds a new dawn for personal liberty and is a major victory for the LGBTQ (lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender) community that has been fighting hard and persistently to legalise gay sex.

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Samarpan cried out of joy, he said to Kolkata24x7 in an exclusive interview after the apex court decriminalized section 377. He further shared his feeling on behalf of the entire LGBTQ community. He said that a history has been created after the apex court lifted a colonial-era ban on gay sex.

Q1. Signalling winds of change, the apex court has lifted a colonial-era ban on gay sex- how are you celebrating this day of victory?

I was just crying out of joy, went speechless for some moments, it felt like I am awaken from a long comma (sic). But now I am going to street, to celebrate with all the freed souls.

Q2. As CJI read “I’m what I’m, so take me as I’m ” how positively are you looking to the SC’s verdict on section 377 of gay sex decriminalization and society’s role regarding this? Do you think society will accept the verdict wholeheartedly?

Now we got the legal protection, the journey begins today. Society won’t easily accept it. So we should not forget that a long way ahead to go, to transfer this legal equality to true social equality.

Q3. After the apex court’s verdict ‘Freedom of love’ has become more broader for LGBTQ community, do you think still social outlook could be a hindrance in this as we have seen in inter- community marriages as well.In 21st century still some people doesn’t accept?

Yes, definitely social perception is very different. Since decade after decades the concept they were carrying it’s not so easy to break it. Any social revolution is the toughest job ever. And now our responsibility is to bring that revolution.

Q4. Till the time ‘Gay sex’ was confined in the section 377 of IPC what obstacles did you face and how did you overcome from it?

Obstacles were, when I came out or planning to come out my friends and family everyone was saying how you see your future? It a criminal offense in India, so who will come to be with you, you don’t have any legal rights, there are only darkness in future. But now it seems like the first ray or sunbeam after prolonged darkness.

Q5. Despite SC’s verdict what obstacles will be still faced by the LGBT community?

Social acceptance will be the main issues. Also there are no marriage equality, so whoever want to be settled with their partner they will face legal issues. Another think we need secure that is what will happen for same sex rape crimes, because now there is no laws for same sex criminal activities like rape and sexual harassment.

Q6. Do you think With the SC’s verdict, India has moved a step ahead like the other European countries?

Yes definitely I will say it’s the biggest achievement for Indian LGBTQ community, but it’s a baby step towards the equal rights for LGBTQ community. Still we need marriage equality, right to adopt children, laws to protect harassment in workplace for gender identity, and so many. So it’s just the beginning.