Bigg Boss 11: Shilpa, Zubair & Akash Become 1st Inmates Of Kaal Kothri


Mumbai: The fifth day in the Bigg Boss house was quite happening and exciting. The episode, which is also called Friday Ka Faisla was presented by Aaj Tak’s Shweta Singh, who was accompanied by Bigg Boss 8 contestant Pritam Singh and RJ Malishka in the panel. They discussed about how the contestants have started playing games from the very first week.
Pritam names Zubair as the strongest contestant while Malishka chooses Angoori bhabhi aka Shilpa as her bet.

Arshi , who is under the impression that Hina asked Zubair to abuse her, hurled abuses at Hina and called her ‘Patli Dolly Bindra’ and ‘Zubair Ki biwi’. Hina tried her best to remain calm and be unaffected by Arshi’s crass behaviour. The actress compared her to Priyanka Jagga, and claimed that Arshi will be thrown out of the house just like Jagga. Shilpa continued to trouble Vikas. She pretended to have accidentally dropped a whole ginger in his cup of tea. Irked with her behaviour, Vikas spilled the tea on Shilpa’s luggage and spoiled her clothes. Shilpa didn’t stop there, she dropped tea on Benaf’s dress, so that Benaf could blast Vikas. Later, Shilpa regretted spoiling Benaf’s dress. Shilpa tried to irritate and poke Vikas by continuously singing Bang-bang and was accompanied by Arshi and Akash.

Bigg Boss asked the contestants to give three names with mutual consent, who could be sent to kaal kothri. After a lot of discussion, the inmates decided to send Arshi, Shilpa and Akash to the jail. Bigg Boss introduced another twist, where the padosis are asked to save one of the contestants and nominate one for the kaal kothri. To everyone’s surprise, Padosis saved Arshi, as they want to break the growing bond between Shilpa and Arshi and nominated Zubair Khan to be sent to kaal kothri along with Shilpa and Akash.

Hina became very upset with Padosis’ decision to save Arshi , as according to her they could have saved Akash instead of Arshi, who deserved to be in the jail for abusing her. Hina broke down in front of the inmates but later composed herself.

Akash, Shilpa and Zubair seemed to be having a gala time in kaal kothri, where Shilpa again devises a plan to trouble Vikas. With Akash’s help, she manages to escape the prison and enter the house. She keeps a slipper near Vikas’ head and leaves, which is later removed by Bandgi.

Puneesh flirst with Bandgi and the duo strategise to pretend to be a couple. It would be interesting to see if their strategy work. Let’s see, what new turn will Vikas-Shilpa’s and Hina-Arshi’s enmity take.