Bigg Boss 11: Salman Khan Asks Priyank Sharma To Leave


Mumbai: Salman Khan in the first week of Big Boss 11 ‘Weekend Ka Vaar’ expressed anger over contestants who created the nuisance and said he won’t spare anyone.

Salman even reprimanded Zubair Khan for using rough language and commenting on the female contestants dressing sense.

He asked him what he thinks of himself and why he considers himself superior to the others.
Salman said he won’t tolerate his behaviour anymore and warned him of severe consequences. He questioned Zubair’s unreasonable attitude towards the other housemates. Meanwhile, Salman questioned Hina Khan for not raising a voice against Zubair’s attitude.
The major twist came when Salman showed some of the video clips of previous episodes where Akash Dadlani and Vikas Gupta were fighting and suddenly Priyank pushed Akash in anger, Salman asked both of them to enact it again and questioned Priyank why he got involved in their fight.Salman made them count the rules of the house and asked Priyank to leave the house right away, as he pushed Akash during the fight and that’s NOT ALLOWED Next, it was Arshi’s turn. Salman reprimanded her for commenting on a person’s sexuality.

He made it clear that such a behaviour won’t be tolerated till the time he is the host of Bigg Boss. However, one person, who paid the ultimate prize for supporting his friend (Vikas Gupta ) and even getting physical for him, was Priyank Sharma.

The MTV Roadies and Splitsvilla star, barged into Vikas and Akash’s argument and instead of resolving the fight, he ended up pushing the latter, quite violently.

As a result, Priyank, who wasn’t even nominated for eviction, became the first contestant to get eliminated from the house.Host Salman also felt bad for the reality TV star, as he had high hopes from him to reach till the very end.

However, it wasn’t Priyank who had angered Salman the most in the house. Has Priyank left the show for good or will he be back with a bang? Only time will tell.