No ‘Achhe Din’ On Durga Puja As Railways Increase Ticket Price


Kolkata: The price of the crude oil have hit three-year highs in some cities in India compared to other countries. Although, the prices of petrol and diesel have gradually decreased in world market but it is rising rapidly in India. Along with the price rise of crude oil there is also price hike of cooking gas too. It has been noticed that in the past years , not only the price hike of crude oil has hit the market but also the increase price of daily food products like rice, pulses, cereals, vegetables, fruits and every day-to-day goods have also increased. The flop demonetization has resulted in reducing the rate of interest in banks. Now, in this festive season the Indian Railways also looking forward to a huge pocket pinch for the passengers. During the festive season the platform ticket has increased from ten rupees to twenty rupees.

Modi’s ‘Achhe din‘ has turned to be ‘Bure din’ for the ‘Aam aadmi’. This is what the common man allegedly saying. None of the plans of this government has turned to be boon for the people. And this time not the festive season is spared by the BJP government and the Railways. From 20th September 2017 to 31st October 2017 , the platform tickets for all stations in South East Railway have been increased from ten rupees to twenty rupees.

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Before the Modi government came into power the platform ticket cost was only five rupees. The price of the platform ticket was similar to the minimum train fares. Since the beginning of the reign of Modi government, the price of railway platform ticket was increased by ten rupees on 1st April 2015. Now government’s new initiation that would cause huge pocket pinch for the passengers and surely trouble them too. According to the South Eastern section of Indian Railways, the price of platform tickets will increase from ten rupees to twenty rupees during the festival season.

During the upcoming festival of Durga puja, the prices of platform tickets for Howrah and Sealdah station will be twenty rupees. From next Wednesday onwards, the price of platform ticket at every stations of South-Eastern Railway will increase from ten rupees to twenty rupees. Meanwhile, the Ministry of Railways has already notified it. The common people are against this initiation by the Railways.

Thus, daily passengers strongly protests this government plan and quizzes the government – Where the railway fare from Howrah to Liluah is only rupees five, does the price rise of platform ticket from ten rupees to twenty rupees make any sense?

During Durga puja, any platform ticket in West Bengal will cost twenty rupees. And similarly during Ganesh Puja, any platform ticket in Maharashtra will also cost rupees twenty. As it has been said, from 17th to 26th October 2017 in Secunderabad, Hyderabad also, the platform ticket will cost rupees twenty. Indian Railways has said that the prices of tickets are being increased for the Dushera festival.

According to the railways, the Ministry of Railways have decided to raise the price of the platform tickets to avoid unnecessary crowd during the festive season. But the passengers are against this decision of the railways. Now it is to see that whether this initiation by the government during the festive season will go against the government or not.

Reported By: Manab Guha

Edited By: Mousumi Dash