Big B says Granddaughter Aaradhya talks ‘non-Stop’


Mumbai: The picture says it all. It seems Amitabh Bachchan is having the best time with his three-year old granddaughter. The Megastar says it is the best time to be with daughter Aaradhya, who is a curious little child and quite mature for her age.

Aaradhya loves to spend time with the grandfather Amitabh. “The little one gets precocious by the hour and talk’s non-stop with as many questions as one could possibly imagine. It’s the best time to be with her,” quoted the loving 72-year old grandfather on Twitter. Amitabh in his spare time loves to be with granddaughter Aaradhya more than anything. The ‘Shamitabh’ actor quoted, ‘I love spending time with her. Her homemade stories, her banter of what she feels about situation, her friends, her toys and everything.” It seems whatever may be, Big B just can’t stop praising his little angel simply.

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