Bidhannagar To Spread Message Of Communal Harmony On Bhai Dooj


Kolkata: Bhai Phonta has been arranged at Bidhannagar municipality ward number 38 to send the message of communal harmony as it will see the participation of at least 500 Hindu-Muslim brothers and sisters.

The arrangement has been made under ward’s councillor Nirmal Dutta. On Friday morning, the Hindu-Muslim brothers and sisters will arrive at Duttabad cinema field in the morning.

Forty thousand people of different communities live in this ward out of which 500 are Hindi-Muslims who will take part in Friday’s event. To send the message of communal harmony, the Muslim sisters will give ‘phonta’ to their Hindu brothers. On the other hand, the Hindu sisters will give ‘phonta’ to the Muslim brothers. The councillor started this last year and hence this year it has stepped into its 2nd year.

The Councillor wants to spread the message of communal harmony not only to his ward but also to the entire state and the country.

Reporting: Subhash Baidya
Editing: Saheli Dey