Bidhannagar Municipal Corporation Taking Utmost Care To Prevent Dengue


Kolkata: Last year, nine persons including a nine year old boy from BD Block had died from dengue in Salt Lake and Rajarhat. Though no official case of dengue is yet to be reported from Salt Lake or its surroundings to the corporation, residents are already in fear as mosquitoes have again started to surface in various places. A few unofficial cases of dengue has even started to come from Rajarhat area.

Keeping in mind last year’s experience, the Bidhannagar Municipal Corporation is taking up a number of measures to prevent any outbreak of mosquito borne diseases in the areas.

Last year, blocks such as BJ, GD, AD, AE, BL, IA Block, parts of Karunamoyee and some other parts of Sukantanagar and Mahisbathan were worst hit from dengue. The civic authorities are giving special attention to areas falling in Rajarhat as there are open drains in several areas there which are potential breathing ground of mosquitoes.

The civic authorities’ have divided the entire corporation area into two areas, from ward number 1 to ward number 26 which falls under Rajarhat areas and the rest from ward number 27 to ward number 41 that falls in Salt Lake. Two health sanitary inspectors have been appointed to look into these two areas.

Civic officials are conducting regular inspection in several places including schools, under construction houses, commercial establishments and various offices. A few days ago, the civic authorities found some mosquito larvae on a stagnant water that had accumulated on the roof of a prominent school in Salt Lake. The school authorities cleaned up the spot immediately and have thereafter taking mosquito prevention measures.

Corporation MMIC (health) Pranay Roy said that they are taking all necessary measures. “We are appointing more workers to each ward, the process has startd from July 1. Inspections are going on in different places to check if water is getting accumulated in any place. The areas of concern are the housing estates where we are asking to keep the premises clean from any accumulation of water where mosquito larvae could breath,” he said, adding that civic workers are also spraying larvacide on the maholes across Salt Lake.

Residents of Salt Lake however wondered whether the actions the civic authorities are taking were at all enough or not. “The civic authorities are spraying larvaecide, but I do not know whether it is enough. The roads in many places are not getting cleaned up properly,” said Anamika Paira, a homeopath and resident of CE Block.

“Some road repairing work is going before the under-17 FIFA world cup takes place in Salt Lake stadium and the civic authorities should ensure that the wastes do not mix up with stagnant water as it would become ideal breathing ground for mosquitos,” said Bidhannagar Welfare Association secretary Kumar Shankar Sadhu.