Bidhannagar Mayor Extortion: Case Filed At Police Station


Bidhannagar: A Salt Lake-based businessman accused Trinamool Congress MLA and Biddhannagar Mayor Sabyasachi Dutta of demanding Rs 1 crore as extortion. The businessman lodged a complaint against Dutta in the Bidhannagar North Police Station, and finally Bidhannagar Police filed a case against him.

However, Sabyasachi Dutta earlier denied the charges and maintained he did not know the trader, Madhusudan Chakraborty. Chakraborty alleged Dutta had asked him for Rs 1 crore on Monday to run his party’s campaign in Tripura. Dutta is TMC’s observer for Tripura, which will go to polls on February 18.

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The trader claimed Dutta had demanded money even after he had given Rs 2.3 lakh to him through Bidyut Ganguly — an alleged associate of the mayor . He had also lodged a complaint against Dutta on Monday, he added.

“I received a call from Dutta on February 2, asking me to hand over Rs 2.3 lakh to buy party flags and hoardings. He asked me to give the money to his middleman, Bidyut Ganguly. I gave his middleman the money the same day in my office. The next day, I again received a call from Dutta asking for Rs 30 lakh for the Tripura elections,” earlier Chakraborty told mediapersons.

Chakraborty showed purported video clips of Ganguly counting money at his office. “I have lodged a formal complaint against Dutta at Biddhannagar North police station. I want to appeal to Chief Minister Mamata Banerjee to save me from Dutta. I have audio recordings of our conversation… which I can give as evidence,” he said.