Bidhannagar Main Road Riddle: KMC Struggles To Set Right Ultadanga Underpass


Kolkata: The Kolkata Municipal Corporation (KMC) is struggling to set right the road of Bidhannagar Main Road near Ultadanga underpass which has developed craters after recent downpours. The reason? Kolkata traffic cops want the civic engineers to take up repair of the underpass road and adjacent areas to keep the traffic flow intact.

However, the KMC roads department engineers have made it clear to the cops that the civic body needs longer time to repair the roads as mere filling up the craters won’t solve the purpose. As an explanation, the KMC roads department engineers said since the road adjacent to the underpass was concretized, it won’t be possible for the civic body to take up a mere patchwork.

“We need to undertake a thorough repair of the concrete road. There is a marked difference between taking up patchwork of roads having a bituminous surface and a metallic road. We need to keep traffic suspended during night which the cops are not allowing,” said a KMC roads department official.

This apart, the KMC roads gang finds it difficult to repair roads along certain tram tracks. Stretches of CIT Road (Kankurgachi) have developed craters along the tram tracks which the civic engineers can’t repair easily. “We have identified some of the worst stretches of CIT Road along tram tracks which have developed craters. But we are devising a special plan for the road repair due to scrapped iron jutting out of the abandoned tram tracks which pose a threat to our repair plan,” said a KMC roads department official.

However, the KMC roads repair gang has been assigned to take a repair work of roads across the city including the troubled stretches of Bidhannagar Main Road and CIT Road (Kankurgachi). “We have been given a July 22 deadline for repair of all major roads in Kolkata which have been broken due to heavy showers,” said a civic official.

The state government agencies like PWD and KMDA are gearing up to undertake repair of city’s arterial roads like Eastern Metropolitan Bypass and Diamond Harbour Road after a prod from state chief secretary Moloy De who held a meeting with senior official of the state agencies and the KMC top brass and asked them to take up repair of roads on war footing. “We have taken up an extensive programme for road repair for the entire city.

For now, we will undertake patchwork and later take up a thorough repair work. Despite some hurdles we will make sure that the worst stretches of major roads are taken care of,” Ratan De, member, mayor-in-council overseeing the KMC roads department sa

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