Bhopal faces Gas leak again


Bhopal: A chlorine gas leak was reported at the Narmada Jal Project in Bhopal on Saturday at around 4 p.m. According to reports, people near the project venue are complaining of severe eye burn following the leakage. Three people, who were affected by a suspected chlorine gas leak at the Narmada Jal project site in Bhopal on Saturday evening, has been rushed to hospital.

Chlorine gas on Saturday leaked in the Bag Sevania area, although no casualities have been reported so far in the incident.

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“The chlorine gas leaked from Narmada water filtration plant of the civic body in Bag Sevania area which resulted in panic. No injuries were reported because of the incident,” Deputy Inspector General (DIG) Raman Singh said.

The plant is situated close to the office of Sub Divisional Officer of Police (SDOP), Misrod area.