Bhoot Chaturdashi: Ssshhhh…Koi Hai


Kolkata: If you are sort of daredevil, who likes horror movies and Gothic literature (think Sheridan Le Fanu’s Carmilla rather than Mary Shelley’s Frankenstein), you can check out some haunted places in West bengal.

Celebrated a night before Kali Pujo, Bhoot Chaturdashi is all about warding off the evil spirits. It doesn’t quite include going trick-o-treating for candies, but it does include eating 14 kinds of leafy greens, and instead of Jack-o-lanterns, we light 14 lamps.

However, people who believe in ghosts are curious about ghosts. Some of the most unexplored “Haunted places” in West Bengal are given below-

Witchcraft In JangalMahal

There are many villages in Purulia, Bankura, Midnapur, Jhargram districts, where there are still many people who have known “black magic”. It is heard that on Ambasya, many people used to practice this at cremation ground. Both men and women do not wear any clothes on this occasion. During this time, many people have died due to this witch hunt.


Dow Hill of Kurseong

Dow Hill in Kurseong is considered by believers to be one of the most haunted places in West Bengal, especially in the corridors of Victoria Boys’ School and in the surrounding woods. A number of murders have taken place in the forest.

Sundarbans Shadow

In sundarbans area, pedestrians and tourists see the light of a kind of Aleya, which looks like a shadow of a prison. According to the local people, the person who dared to follow the light never came back.

Purulia’s Begunkodor

The ill fated station ran into unforeseen troubles just 7 years later. According to the villagers, in 1967, a railway employee reported the sighting of a woman’s ghost, and it was rumored that she had died in a railway accident. The next day he told people about it and they ignored him. The real trouble started when the dead bodies of the station master and his family were found in their quarters.The station was subsequently closed as railway trains stopped making halts here.


St. Patrick’s School, Asansol

Attics have long been associated with ghosts and spooky stories of all sorts. However, this one at St. Patrick’s School, Asansol, is indeed haunted as claimed by the students, teachers as well as the house staff themselves.

Garbeta’s Gangoni

This place, known as the Grand Canyon of Bengal, is about 180 kilometers away from the city of Kolkata. The place is famous for the natural beauty. There is a story of Bok rakhos, as well as many of the local residents do not want to raise their eyes towards Gangoni at night. As a result, the ghosts in the darkness of the night have come down to the Gangaoni. Occasionally people here are found unconscious.

Sardiha Train Line

Sardiha station is covered with jungle under Jhargram . There were no such horror stories until 2010. But on May 28, 2010, a huge train accident took place due to Maoists. Since then villagers have demanded that the ghosts sound are heard in adjacent areas of the railway line.

Reporter – Shekhar Dubey
Edited By- Piku Mukherjee