Bharti cares for only beautiful women: Wife

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New Delhi: Joining the chorus of outrage against Aam Aadmi Party (AAP) leader Somnath Bharti for his 'beautiful women' remark, his wife Lipika Mitra on Tuesday said that he cares for only beautiful women. "Somnath Bharti cares for only beautiful women, it seems like that. I'm an average looking woman, maybe that's why I was ill treated by him," Mitra, who has alleged that she has been facing violence at the hands of Bharti since 2010, told a national news agency.

"Even in the assembly if he is talking about the security of beautiful women only, where will women like me go? We have no place to go. Nobody to think about our security," she added. The controversial AAP leader has drawn flak from various quarters over his statement that beautiful women would be able to go out at midnight if the AAP Government takes over policing system in the national capital.