Bharati’s Husband Faces CID At Bhavani Bhavan

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Kolkata: Finally MAV Raju, husband of former IPS officer Bharati Ghosh has face to face with CID on Tuesday morning. He was accompanied with his lawyer at Bhavani Bhavan.

Many times CID had issued the summoning order to Raju before. He did not respond to it. Rather he did not appear at Bhavani Bhavan.

Earlier, when Bharati Ghosh’s husband was called, he had no legal safeguard. As a result, the possibility of his arrest could not be flown at that time. Raju was absent again and again before CID to avoid the arrest. But the Calcutta High Court recently said that he can not be arrested now. So CID will not arrest him on Tuesday. That is why he has been visible there with his lawyer.

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ভবানী ভবনে সিআইডির মুখোমুখি ভারতীর স্বামী

Meanwhile, another audio message of Bharati Ghosh came in the media on Monday evening. In the audio message, Bharati complained that CID wants to rob her gold. So they want to break her bank locker. Bharti’s claim is that all the legal papers of gold are inside the bank lockers. She said that all gold inside the locker came as dowry from her father at the time of marriage.

CID is supposed to visit the bank branch in Southern Avenue where the former IPS has the locker. Today it will be opened to check the whole story that grabbed the attention till now.