Bharati’s Call To Kailash Vijayvargiya, Raises Speculation


Kolkata:  A new twist in Bengal politics. After CID Raid, former IPS Bharati Seeks Help of Center’s Rulling Party. According To sources, Bharati Ghosh sends letter to West Bengal BJP observer Kailash Vijayvargiya and wants to meet him.

বিজেপির কৈলাসের সাক্ষাৎপ্রার্থী ভারতী : সূত্র

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A new speculation raises over that issue. So, Is Bharati Ghosh join Safforn brigade? After sending letter to Kailash, it’s clear that Bharati Ghosh may join saffron party. In previous year, Bharati Ghosh transferred from Midnapore to Brrackpore and this creates shock among politicians to locals. Recently, CID raided Bharati Ghosh’s house and this creates speculation that Bharati ghosh may seek help of BJP to get rid of this CID raid.

According to sources, Bharati wants to meet Kailash Vijayvargiya and talks half an hour over phone with him. But BJP do not give any reaction against this letter. BJP President Dilip ghosh said that We knew that Bharati ghosh is out of state so how is it possible to join BJP right now.

Bharati’s Close Aide Arrested From EM Bypass

Earlier, Former IPS Bharati Ghosh’s Close Aide Suraj Mondal Singh has been arrested by state CID from EM Bypass area’s Madurdaha on Sunday night. This is second arrest on Bharati Ghosh’s extortion case. Accussed has produced at Midnapore court on Monday.
According to sources, allegaion is raised against him of theft all important documents.

Earlier, THE officer-in-charge of Belda police station in West Midnapore, believed close to former IPS officer Bharati Ghosh, has been detained after CID officials found some 15 kg gold and unaccounted cash during raids in his and his in-laws’ houses.

This comes on a day CID teams raided the houses of Ghosh and her husband at Mukundapur and Naktala in Kolkata, respectively. Sources claimed that Rs 60-lakh in cash, two kg gold ornaments and several land titles have been seized in the raids.

তোলাবাজির অভিযোগে প্রাক্তন আইপিএস ভারতীকে নোটিস সিআইডির

In view of the seizures, CID has issued a notice to Ghosh, asking her to appear in person at the agency’s headquarters Bhavani Bhavan. The purpose is to verify whether the seized cash and valuables are accounted for.

Ghosh said on Friday that she was “out of station” but had learnt that her husband’s houses had been raided. “He was not allowed to call any lawyer and was not given any document,” she alleged. “I will take all legal steps available to a citizen after returning,” Ghosh added.

CID officials refused to react to this statement. hosh, till a few weeks before her resignation last December, was considered to be part of a core group of police officials in Bengal. She quit on December 28, protesting against a transfer to Barrackpore as Armed Police commandant.