Cyclist Bheema Reached Kolkata In His Journey To Bharat Darshan


Kolkata: A cyclist who left home and office a month ago have reached Kolkata on Tuesday night on the final leg of their ‘Bharat Darshan’. He is bheema Madgoyal, head constable of Karnataka Police force.

After reaching Kolkata, he was busy to click the photos of thew city of Joy. The adventurer have pedaled near about thousands km to fulfill his dream. Our corespondent met with him in Kolkata. He described his journey through the scenic and beautiful mountainous terrain as most exciting.

Bheema told to Kolkata24x7 that he was working as head constable of the Karnataka Police. He took 120 day holiday to visit India. He started from Delhi and will end in Delhi.

But the question raised that why did he start his journey from Delhi when he is a resident of Karnataka. Bheema replied with smile that his dream is to visit Kargil but due to bad weather he failed several times. So now he started his journey from Delhi as he reached the Kargil as soon as possible. But this time, he failed again.

Bheema visited the Kargil by Jawan’s bus. He is happy though he was not reached Kargil by cycle. The main purpose of him to give respect to the martyr’s was succeed. He also campaigned for ‘Bharat ke Veer’ app where anybody can donate money for jawans.

Reported By- Soumik Karmakar

Edited By- Piku Mukherjee