Bhangar Stiff Amid Allegations & Counter-Allegations


Kolkata: Bhangar experienced fresh bout of violence followed by attack and counter-attack between ruling party and the Land Protection Committee on Friday over setting up of a power sub-station in the area. Police recovered fresh hand-made bombs and tensions spread amid allegations of abduction of a TMC activist by the protesters.

আক্রমণ পাল্টা আক্রমণের তাপে ফুটছে ভাঙড়

 The police have cordoned the area fearing violence between the two groups. TMC alleged abduction of their activist Abu Hossain Mollah against the committee. The committee denied any allegations and counter-attacked the ruling party for attacking the protesting members.

Land committee member were allegedly attacked on Thursday by bullets and bombs during their rally in protest of the power-grid. Several vehicles were also put to fire by the violent activists allegedly belonging to the ruling party.

However, local TMC leader Arabul Islam denied any allegations against TMC and blamed LEFT supporters for the violence. Local legislator Abdur Rezzak Mollah said the protestors rode on motorbikes and pick-up vans and hurled bombs aiming at local Trinamool Congress supporters.