Bhaijaan To Meet ‘World’s Heaviest Woman’


Mumbai: Bollywood Bhaijaan is all set to meet his fan from Egypt who is presently in India for a surgery which promises her to relieve her of the ‘World’s Heaviest Woman’ tag. Salman Khan’s brother Arbaaz Khan has confirmed the news.

Thirty-seven-year-old Eman Ahmed Abdulati is touted to be the world’s heaviest woman (weighing 500 kgs). Eman is currently in India and she is admitted to undergo a lifesaving surgery at Mumbai’s Saifee Hospital. She has become a huge fan of Salman Khan and has been binge watching his films. She expressed her desire to meet the Dabangg Khan, and now it seems that her wish is about to be fulfilled.

“Even though she can’t understand the language, she likes the beats of the music. So, when I asked her whom she liked the most, she pointed at the three Khans. When I asked of the three who’s her favourite, she said Salman’s name,” a source informed Mid-Day.

“I wasn’t aware that she [Eman] was a fan of Salman till I read about it in your paper. He has innumerable fans, and while he cannot meet all of them, I’m sure he’ll make an exception for her. His team will work it out based on his schedule and availability,”  Arbaaz told Hitlist.
Furthermore, Arbaaz said that they are keeping track of her health conditions. Once the surgery is done, Salman will go and meet her personally.

“Muffi (Dr Muffazal Lakdawala, Eman’s bariatric surgeon) believes it will take a couple of months before the surgery can be done, is what we hear.”

Salman’s father said, “We have learnt of her desire. Salman will certainly meet her. An actor would to go to any lengths to fulfil the desire of such a patient. But so far, we haven’t received any official request from the hospital. As soon as we receive one, Salman will go to meet her,”

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