Bhaag BJP Bhaag in 2016: Partha Chatterjee


Kolkata: After winning the bypolls of Bongaon Lok Sabha and Krishnagunj Vidhan Sabha Assembly constituency on Monday, Trinamool Congress returned the jibe used by BJP in West Bengal saying it would be ‘Bhaag BJP Bhaag’ in 2016.

“In 2016, it will be ‘Bhaag BJP Bhaag’ as the people of West Bengal have given a befitting reply to the smear campaign carried out by rival parties against the TMC as reflected in today’s results,” party secretary-general and state Education Minister Partha Chatterjee said.

The Saffron party’s in-charge of Bengal affairs Sidharth Nath Singh had earlier said, “In 2014 it will be Bhaag Madan Bhaag. 2015 Bhaag Mukul Bhaag. 2016 Bhaag Mamata Bhaag”.

Chatterjee said the results have clearly shown that the mandate given by the people, particularly those in the rural areas, was for Mamata Banerjee who was relentlessly working for improving the quality of life of the poor.

“The victory will encourage the party to work more for the development of the state”, he told a news conference in Kolkata. Thanking TMC workers for staying united, he said the results have shown that there is no alternative to Mamata Banerjee not only in West Bengal, but also in the country.

He said the more TMC is attacked by BJP and others, the more solid it will become in West Bengal. The senior TMC leader alleged that the BJP was trying to create a rift among communal lines in the state. “But they will not succeed,” the minister said.