BEWARE: Fake WhatsApp Doing The Rounds


New Delhi: Given the rampant misuse of domain names, URLs and malwares affecting servers and computers it is always advisable that you look twice before opening any link.
Something similar has been reported in the media about a fake WhatsApp URL doing the rounds.

First spotted by redditor u/yuexist,  the fake site promises to let you install WhatsApp in different colors. It sends the user the following message:

” I love the new colors for whatsapp http://шһатѕарр.com/?colors “.

But, when the user clicks the fake url in mobile, he/she is made to share the link to multiple groups for human verification. And that is where the trick lies. Once the user shares the link in the contact group, the user is made to install adware apps.
It does not stop here. After the user has installed the adware, the website leads to another extention  (real Chrome Web Store called BlackWhats) stating that the whatsapp colour is available there.

Although, Google has now removed this extension from the Chrome Web Store, be sure to cross-check any link that comes across as a forwarded message.