Bengal’s Famous ‘Hastashilpa Mela’ To Begin On Saturday


Kolkata: The West Bengal State Handicrafts Fair 2017, popularly known as Hastashilpa Mela, will begin on Saturday. The fair will be held near gate number 1 of Eco Park in New Town.

The fair will continue till December 10, 2017 and will be open for public from 1 PM till 8 PM. It will feature the best of handicrafts from Bengal. The stalls will be run by the handicraft-makers themselves. Besides selling the craftwork, the fair will also act as a platform for the realization of business opportunities.

The fair is being organised by the Micro and Small Scale Enterprises and Textiles Department.

Bengal has a rich centuries-old culture, whose handicrafts are famed across the country and even internationally. A few years back, under the aegis of the Trinamool Congress-run government, United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organisation (UNESCO) collaborated with the State Government to set up Shilpagram, a rural crafts hub. These Shilpagrams have earned a lot of praise from international experts as centres for the marketing, selling and preservation of the rich culture of Bengal.