Bengali Speaking People Being Attacked At Meghalaya Border


Silchar & Shillong: Panic has spread at a particular path which crosses through
Meghalaya, soon after the draft National Register of Citizens of Assam was published on Monday.

According to our sources, the Bengalis of Assam are being attacked at that portion of the road which goes through Barak valley, Kachar and Hailakandi to Guwahati. The
mission of weeding out Bengalis seems to have started allegedly by the Khasi Student Union (KSU)of Meghalaya.

Several newspapers of Assam and Meghalaya have carried out the activities by the KSU, to disrupt peace, on Wednesday. Each article has mention of their activities against the Bengalis at the road which passes through Meghalaya. The report also accused the police of being a puppet. The passengers have been forced out of their
cars in front of the security guards. As a result, passengers travelling through this road has to undergo lot of difficulties.

Assam and Meghalaya are two neighbouring states which consists of a huge populaton
of people who speak Bengali. Similarly, there is an air of anti-Bengalis in Assam too just like Meghalaya. The NRC issue has increased the intensity of the issue, as informs the Bengalis of both the states.

MP Susmita Deb has also raised this issue as a protest in the Parliament. Silchar’s Congress MP Susmita said that the condition in the border shared by both the states
are very poor. Those coming from Meghalaya to Assam have no security. She requested
for the protection of those people. She pointed out that the Bengalis are being attacked. Some organisations have resorted to attacks in the name of the NRC issue.

Those travelling to Meghalaya through Kachar, Hailakandi and Karimganj, are facing such severe problems in the morning itself. As the day moves to the evening, the intensity increases. The KSU officials are accused to be behaving like government officials.