Bengali Film ‘Aaleya’ Faces CBFC Scissors


Kolkata: The bengali film ‘Aaleya’ directed by a senior Bengal cop, has run into the crosshairs of the regional office of the Central Board of Film Certification.

The film revolves around actor Tanushree Chakraborty playing a cop, who investigates the murder of Aaleya (played by Priyanka Sarkar).

The censor board has asked for six modifications, including muting of “Gujarat”, in the Bengali film “Aaleya”, directed by Bengal deputy inspector-general (traffic) Humayun Kabir.
Actor Goutam Halder, who plays Aaleya’s father, mouths most of the controversial words in

the scene that has attracted the CBFC’s attention. He gets into a war of words with her schoolteachers, while refusing to allow Aaleya to play Holi in school, and refers to how a community was targeted during the Gujarat riots.

Aaleya’s schoolteachers insist that all acts of riot have elicited protests and that such incidents do not happen in Bengal.