Bengali Film ‘Aaleya’ Faces CBFC Scissors


Kolkata: The bengali film ‘Aaleya’ directed by a senior Bengal cop, has run into the crosshairs of the regional office of the Central Board of Film Certification.

The film revolves around actor Tanushree Chakraborty playing a cop, who investigates the murder of Aaleya (played by Priyanka Sarkar).

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The censor board has asked for six modifications, including muting of “Gujarat”, in the Bengali film “Aaleya”, directed by Bengal deputy inspector-general (traffic) Humayun Kabir.
Actor Goutam Halder, who plays Aaleya’s father, mouths most of the controversial words in

the scene that has attracted the CBFC’s attention. He gets into a war of words with her schoolteachers, while refusing to allow Aaleya to play Holi in school, and refers to how a community was targeted during the Gujarat riots.

Aaleya’s schoolteachers insist that all acts of riot have elicited protests and that such incidents do not happen in Bengal.