Bengali Boy Satyarup Scales World’s Highest Volcano


New Delhi: Bengali Boy Satyarup has become the second Indian mountaineer after Malli Mastan Babu to climb Mt Ojos del Salado, the highest volcano in the world.

Ojos del Salado is a stratovolcano (a volcano built up of alternate layers of lava and ash)in the Andes on the Argentina-Chile border and the highest active volcano in the world at 6,893 metres (22,615 ft).

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Satyarup is also set to be the first Indian to climb Mt Sidley, the highest volcano of Antarctica, which will help him realise the dream of scaling seven summits and seven volcanic summits. He skied the last degree to South Pole and hoisted the Indian flag at -40 degree centigrade. Such is his passion for climbing, that Satyarup didn’t think twice to leave his regular job before making his first attempt to scale the Mt Everest, in 2015.

Satyarup was born in West Bengal’s Beharampur area. He is a software Engineer and worked in Bengaluru.