Bengali Band Bhoomi’s New Album Goes Digital


Kolkata: Sixteen years after their Jatra Shuru audio album created history in music, Bangla band Bhoomi has launched their new album on digital media.

Bhoomi frontman and popular Bengali band singer Soumitra told, “With very few shops available for physical CDs all over the world, we have to be adaptive to the present times as any technological evolution is natural.

“We have therefore only brought out very very few CDs for the media, our close friends and for handing over to fans during public shows. These are complimentary ones while Bhoomi will solely cater to the digital media for commercial reasons and for the first time,” he said.

“However so far content of songs are concerned, there had been no change in public taste or appreciation in Bhoomi’s trademark urbanised folk music and it’s core audience. So we are only exploring the new medium but not departing from our signature style,” the Baranday Roddur singer with Surojit and others of the band, said.


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