Bengal Will Show Way To ‘Poriborton’ In Delhi Too: Abhishek


Bongaon: Trinamool Congress MP Abhishek Banerjee addressed a public meeting on Saturday at the Gopalnagar Haripada Institution in Bongaon.

Highlights from his two speech:

I begin by congratulating all the leaders who have come here, and the people, for coming here by the thousands, in spite of the heat. Since you have come here in this weather, it can be safely assumed that you have already decided in your minds to uproot the BJP from Bangla, and make Trinamool Congress win.

Mamatabala Thakur is standing from here once again, and I request everyone to help in re-electing her to the Lok Sabha. Today is Annapurna Puja, and my best wishes are with everyone.

The voting here is on May 6. We can campaign till May 4. Therefore our campaign will continue for the next 20 days. We have to ensure the BJP does not get even a toehold here.
Remember that the fight this time is neither against the CPI(M) nor the Congress; it is between Agnikanya Didi and the communal Modi.

Decide whether you are with Mamata Banerjee or the communal BJP – your votes will determine this. In the 2016 by-election, the BJP candidate lost, and after that he was never seen doing any work for the people here. But Trinamool is here for all seasons, working tirelessly for the people.

Therefore, vote for ‘Jorahool’ again and help us serve you better. We help you in every way possible – be it for helping solve any major family problem or calling the fire brigade or ensuring you get your due widow pension or retirement pension or Kanyashree or Yuvashree stipend or Rupashree grant or anything else.

We are with people of all religions – we believes in unity in diversity. Trinamool does not believe in the politics of religion. We are with the people during all their religious celebrations.